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It’s not just a podcast, it’s a SpareCast!

August 17, 2009

I’ve always been interested in doing a recurring podcast, but the logistical obstacles have always been more than this one (admittedly undermotivated) man could overcome…that is, until now!

That’s because I’ve found a service that allows me to use my iPhone to record and post up to three minutes of crystal clear audio from anywhere at any time. The service is called AudioBoo, and it combines a free iPhone app with a web host to provide the one-stop shop I’ve been searching for lo, these many weeks.

Because this podcast will always be three minutes or less, and due to my lack of anything resembling fame or notoriety, I have decided the perfect name for this endeavor is “SpareCast” – a reference those of you who are fans of The Ticket will certainly appreciate.  And speaking of The Ticket, don’t be surprised to hear such long lost names as Big Dave, Mexican Junior and Doug Sanders-Not The Golfer make an appearance from time to time.

C’mon, give us a chance…even if we’re terrible, a bad 3-minute show is much, much better than a bad 3-hour show!

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  1. mexicanjunior permalink
    September 16, 2009 12:18 pm

    Are we ever going to have one of these?

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