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LOST Thoughts: LA X

February 3, 2010
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  • Hey, Rose and Bernard…GET A ROOM!
  • Maybe they could have joined the Mile High Club, if not for Charlie choking on a lovely heroin balloon.
  • Is there a doctor on the plane??? Well, the living one is, but his dead daddy’s casket has become lost luggage. That’s why Jack should have just cremated Christian and stuffed his ashes into the overhead compartment. Never take more than you can fit in a carry-on!
  • If do-over Hurley’s really the luckiest man in the world, how do you explain his having to endure a seemingly endless and extremely annoying mid-flight small talk session with an obnoxiously relentless Arzt? I’d have probably jumped out of the plane right then and there.
  • The most baffling thing to me about the do-over flight was the presence of Desmond. He was already on the island manning the Commodore 64 and jamming to Mama Cass long before Oceanic 815 crashed, so how did he end up on the do-over flight???
  • Somebody tell The Temple’s maintenance man that it probably wouldn’t hurt to sprinkle a little chlorine into the hot tub of eternal life. It looked like maybe Tub Girl had just gone in for a dip. (If you don’t know who Tub Girl is, do yourself a favor and DO NOT look it up!)
  • Jack is the Lucy to the football that is Sawyer’s love life, which would make Sawyer the Charlie Brown of this excruciating metaphor. It kind of makes me giggle to imagine Sawyer saying “Good Grief” or “Rats,” though not as much as picturing him in that yellow shirt with the jagged brown stripe.
  • Well, we know know what – actually who – the Smoke Monster is, though not by name. He’s apparently the so-called “Man in Black” (the anti-Jacob), who’s taken to wearing an extremely convincing Locke costume. I have a hunch, far-fetched as it may seem, that he’s not the world’s biggest fan of Richard Alpert…unless a knee to the face is some sort of ancient expression of affection on the island that we’re just not privy to as of yet.
  • As for the entity many online have labeled “Flocke” (as in Fake Locke), I have a theory that he just might be what brought Sayid back to life, since the doo-doo hot tub didn’t seem to do the trick. Think about it: it took the Temple leaders so long to find out that Jacob had been killed, they might not have put down the ash fast enough to keep “Flocke” from sneaking in and inhabiting the seemingly deceased Mr. Jarrah.
  • And lastly, what’s the deal with the island being on the ocean floor? Is it on some sort of gigantic hydraulic lift, like at Jiffy Lube, where whenever the island “disappaears” (like back when Ben turned the frozen donkey wheel) it’s actually just quickly plunged to the bottom of the ocean until it’s safe to be raised to the surface again. Or is it…ATLANTIS???
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  1. walt permalink
    February 3, 2010 8:37 pm

    Genius as usual.

  2. Michael Walling permalink
    February 3, 2010 4:18 pm

    #5 Since the bomb ‘spolded the hatch before it was the hatch, Dezzy had time to get on the plane
    #10 Maybe the outcome of what happened when Juliet finally made contact with Little Fat Man

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