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LOST Thoughts: The Substitute

February 17, 2010

  • Did you happen to notice that Sawyer was listening to “Search and Destroy” by The Stooges when The Locke-ness Monster (stole that one from Doc Jensen over at stopped by on his recruiting trip? Very subtle, Lost writers!
  • While I would have expected to see more Hurley in an episode aired on Fat Tuesday, having Ilana scoop Jacob’s remains into a Crown Royal bag certainly was a clever nod to Ash Wednesday.
  • Rose isn’t gonna let terminal cancer keep her from living life to the fullest…by managing a temp agency! YOU GO, GIRL!!!
  • I thought it was very odd that Peg Bundy wanted to invite Locke’s dad to their wedding. He must have not pushed Locke out that window in this re-booted world. I’ll bet it was that douche Randy!
  • Hey, Richard Alpert…that hammock does NOT look comfortable!
  • What was up with that random kid in the jungle? The last time I saw a boy that age dressed like that on a magical island, he had a talking flute in his mouth.
  • Sorry, Locke, but you can’t really expect me to believe that you prefer that light green fabric swatch over the dark green fabric swatch. DON’T TELL ME WHAT I CAN’T DO!
  • Sometimes I get so overwhelmed by all of the complex imagery and symbolism that permeates Lost. I mean, it will probably take me YEARS to figure out what was meant by having a black rock and a white rock balancing on a scale. I’m afraid I just don’t get The Locke-ness Monster’s “inside joke.” C’mon, Lost writers, give us something to work with here!
  • I don’t know about you, but when I saw Ben Linus as a school teacher, I immediately thought “SPINOFF!” They could call it “To Surly, With Love.”
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  1. walt permalink
    February 18, 2010 8:39 am

    Yes, there is a SHITload of imagery, etc., to keep up with. And To Surly with Love? Genius.

  2. February 17, 2010 12:04 pm

    Hmmm, I missed the Ash Wednesday reference. And I wonder if the-powers-that-be originally wanted Walt for the Mysterious Boy bit, but changed their thinking…

  3. noel bustamante permalink
    February 17, 2010 8:56 am

    To Surly with love. LOL

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