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LOST Thoughts: Happily Ever After

April 7, 2010

  • Say what you will about Widmore, but he really does have the most delightful bedside manner.
  • What Widmore doesn’t always seem to have is the greatest eye for detail. If you’re going to place a chair with restraints into the gigantic electromagnetic orange crate, it might also be a good idea to bolt the chair to the floor!
  • Doesn’t Widmore have enough money and connections to find someone more competent to run the controls than the fat kid from Kate & Allie???
  • Fisher Stevens is the most obnoxious chauffeur since Bruno Kirby in This is Spinal Tap. I kept expecting him to read Desmond a few passages from Sammy Davis, Jr.’s Yes, I Can.
  • Speaking of annoying, this very well may be the most annoying version of Charlie yet – and that’s saying something! I doubt he’ll ever top “running wildly in an undersized hospital gown” Charlie.
  • Why does Zoe always look like she just got finished changing the oil on a ’67 Plymouth Duster? Isn’t there any Dharma soap laying around somewhere?
  • And while on the topic of unsightly appearances, will there ever be a time-changing electromagnetic detonation that will finally produce a version of Faraday without that ridiculous mullet?
  • It was really disturbing to hear Faraday introduce himself as Daniel Widmore, though not as disturbing as it would have been to hear a classical piano solo in the middle of “You All Everybody.”
  • Just as her son’s hairstyle remains unchanged in every dimension of time and space, so does Eloise’s overbearing personality. I mean, even knowing the fate of the world requires her focus, she’s still worried about HOW A SALAD FORK IS SITUATED?!?
  • Something tells me Sayid would make a TERRIBLE chiropractor.
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