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Human of the Week – Pete at Radio Shack

July 24, 2010

I’ve had an iPhone 3G for the past two years, and a few weeks ago right before the iPhone 4 went on sale, I started scouting possible purchase locations.  I learned that in addition to AT&T and The Apple Store, iPhone 4 would be sold at Best Buy, Wal-Mart and Radio Shack.  Thinking Radio Shack would probably get the least traffic (and have the shortest campout lines) of those retail establishments, I checked with a couple of their stores in my area.

Just as a lark, I also asked about iPhone 3GS, but was quickly told that iPhone 4 would quickly replace all other models in their stores.  One guy, a store manager named Pete, took down my info just in case they ever ended up getting anymore 3GS in stock.

Shortly thereafter, a variety of factors (almost entirely financial) conspired to prevent me from obtaining an iPhone 4 at the time, so I just figured I’d have to wait for an upgrade for another few months.  Well, yesterday I got a call completely out of the blue from Pete, who informed me that not only did they get in a 3GS, but it was also the last day of their promotion to issue a $100 store credit for any 3G models still in good (non-scratched/cracked) condition.

Since the 3GS just happened to cost $100, as well, I quickly came to the glorious realization that I would be swapping out a two-year old 3G with a brand-new 3GS basically for free.  All I would have to pay is the seven bucks and change in sales tax!

Needless to say, by then I had become a huge fan of Pete at Radio Shack, but he would prove to be even greater than I realized.  When going through the upgrade, unbricking and authorization process, it became apparent that the home button on the 3GS was defective, which for all intents and purposes rendered the phone totally useless without sending it back to Apple for repair.

To keep me from having to endure such an enormous hassle, Pete called around and found another store in a nearby suburb with one last new 3GS in stock.  He then took it upon himself to drive all the way to that store in a driving rainstorm, just to get me the phone.

For all of his efforts above and beyond the call of duty, especially getting me a brand-new 3GS for seven bucks, Pete wins Human of the Week!

Pete at Radio Shack (or a virtual approximation thereof)

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