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The Big 5-0 (lbs.)

June 4, 2012

I felt it necessary to clarify the quantity I referenced in the title of this entry, simply because my age has advanced to the point where I’m close enough for people to actually think I’ve turned a half-century old.  Well, my birthday’s still a few months away, and that particular milestone is still a few years away (though fewer than I’d like).

The 50 I’m happily commemorating today is the number of pounds I’ve lost since undertaking a change in eating and exercise habits on March 18.  Whenever someone congratulates me, I’m quick to try and deflect any credit by pointing out that I had so much to lose in the first place.  But, I do realize that no matter how big I was when this started (somewhere between chubby and needing a wrecking ball to take out a wall before leaving home), this is an accomplishment worth celebrating.

That won’t involve a celebratory smorgasbord, of course, but maybe I’ll add an extra drop or two of fat-free ranch to my salad at lunch today…


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  1. September 11, 2012 11:36 am

    Thanks, Jeff! Hard to imagine you with anything remotely approaching a gut. I’ve never seen you be anything but rail thin.

  2. Jeff Koke permalink
    September 11, 2012 11:33 am

    Great accomplishment. I changed my lifestyle nearly two years ago. Lost 40 lbs and have stayed within 5 pounds of my goal weight ever since. I wasn’t ever super heavy, but I did have quite the gut started. Stay motivated. It’s completely been worth it for me.

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