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My Quick Thoughts on Giants at Cowboys 2013

September 9, 2013

(GIF originally posted to by Samer Kalaf)

  • Dwayne Harris was a one-man wrecking crew on special teams. On a night when no individual Cowboy put up huge numbers, “Predator” should be considered player of the game.
  • Dan Bailey is, with the possible exception of Jason Witten, the most consistent player on this team.
  • For those who might think DeMarcus Ware should be included in that discussion, explain his whereabouts last night after making that fantastic interception on the Giants’ first play from scrimmage. Zero sacks, zero tackles, zero assists. Yes, he is a future HOFer and one of the five best defensive players in the NFL today, but it’s mystifying how he can disappear for such long stretches – especially considering how favorable this switch to the 4-3 is supposed to be for him.
  • Another one of the NFL’s best at his position was basically M.I.A. last night, as Dez Bryant only made four catches for 22 yards. However, the blame for this does not fall on Dez, as Bill Callahan and Jason Garrett absolutely have to figure out a way to better incorporate him into the gameplan. He is going to be double- and triple-teamed probably for the rest of his career, so you simply cannot allow the opponent to dictate your willingness to get Dez the ball.
  • As a whole, the offensive line played much, much, much better than anyone could have possibly hoped for last night. Tony Romo was only sacked twice (once was entirely his fault for holding onto the ball way too long), and he had a solid pocket most of the night. Kudos to both Travis Frederick and Tyron Smith, especially Smith for absolutely manhandling Jason Pierre-Paul all night long. That being said, Doug Free and Mackenzie Bernadeau were both atrocious. On the play where Romo got hurt, Free went airborne so violently in the opposite direction, it looked like he might have stepped on a land mine planted by Verizon as retribution for losing out on the stay-jum naming rights.
  • But while the offensive line greatly overachieved last night, the secondary massively underachieved. Yes, Barry Church and Brandon Carr deserve credit for scoring touchdowns, but there is absolutely no excuse whatsoever for giving up 450 passing yards and four TDs. Morris Claiborne was particularly abysmal before he hurt his shoulder. Hopefully, his poor play was mostly due to his lack of conditioning resulting from his preseason knee injury. They are going to need much better from this unit the rest of this season – especially from last year’s top draft pick.
  • Speaking of injuries, regardless of what you think about Tony Romo, you have to admit he is one tough S.O.B. No matter where or how hard he gets hit, unless he ends up on a stretcher, he’s almost always going to find his way back into the game. And while every single Romo critic out there is going to single out his red zone interception, anyone with even the slightest understanding of football knows the blame for that goes to Terrance Williams for running the wrong route and Callahan for even trying to run a play for the unproven rookie in that situation.
  • Stat of the night: The Cowboys never trailed in this game, after trailing in all 16 games last season.
  • Stat of the night (runner-up): The six takeaways for the Cowboys gives them just under 40% of the total they generated for the entire 2012 season.
  • There was a lot of talk wondering why Brian Waters wasn’t active for last night’s game, instead of David Arkin, but even more confounding was the fact that Caesar Rayford was inactive. Waters hasn’t played in over a year and missed all of training camp, so he’s clearly not yet in game condition. But Rayford led the NFL in both sacks and forced fumbles during the preseason, so he’s probably in better condition than just about anyone on the defense. Given how thin the defensive line rotation is right now, it makes no sense whatsoever that Rayford was inactive last night.
  • All in all, despite the previously stated concerns, it was ultimately a good win for the Cowboys. Not only did they get the “never beaten the Giants at The Death Star” monkey off their back, they won for the first time on Sunday Night Football since Carrie Underwood was still in her training bra.
  • Next week, things aren’t likely to get much easier, as the Cowboys take on the much-improved Chiefs in the always hostile environment of Arrowhead Stadium. Let’s hope the Cowboys can build on the good things they did last night, and improve those things they didn’t do well. Andy Reid has always been a tough adversary for this team, though now that he’s sporting an all-red sideline wardrobe, he looks a tad less menacing in the guise of Santa’s more slovenly younger brother.
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  1. Andrew permalink
    September 15, 2013 6:22 pm

    Alf Morris broke a coupla nice runs, & Washington FC got to Rodgers early — I swear, the line play in front of A-Rod is worse than the same for Roethlisberger, but that scumbag gets a lot more sympathy from the football industrial complex (so many Yinzers) — but the Pack pulled it out. I know the guitarist for the Fatty Acids is jacked.

    Not getting me jacked: realizing runoff at the mouth with c. Indiefficil hipster dad Steve Hyden’s proclamation on Grantland, post-Packers/Colts, that the Green Bay side’s season was built on a Native American burial ground, is prolly true. The Fail Mary, Andrew Luck’s Trust Fund Baby BS (Luck is the Win Butler of the NFL; sadly, Pierre Garcon was jettisoned, so cannot be the Colts Regine), & Kaepernick’s Debutante Ball last season, &, now, this season Packer killer Shanahan getting 2 TD via challenge, the second of which was so much wishful thinking in the name of parity — it’s enough to drive me to drink. Oh, right, I’m from Sconsin — my BAL never sinks past .05.


    As to the Cowboys, closer than expected, but Romo still embarrassed himself at the end,

    • September 16, 2013 9:31 am

      Yeah, Romo was pretty awful in the second half yesterday. Glad Rodgers is doing so well, since I have him on my FF team.

  2. Andrew permalink
    September 9, 2013 8:18 pm

    I await the Hair Trigger of Dooom that will return to the fore after a 31-17 loss in KC w/ 2 Romo INT (1 pick-six) & a lost fumble & three TD hook-ups btw Alex Smith & SomewhereOverDwayneBowe.

    Of course, I say this as a Packer fan who dreads Mike Shanahan (Packer Killer; see Super Bowl XXXII, Week 5 in 2010) coming into Lambeau with his back to the wall. 250 yd game for Alf Morris & Orakpo knocks A-Rod out of the game early…. I suppose I am hoping you Steer &/or Queer Cowboy fans have to suffer, too.

    • September 10, 2013 8:29 am

      Won’t surprise me at all if the Chiefs beat the Cowboys. Packer fans have NOTHING to fear. The Deadskins are TERRIBLE.

  3. Dahlberg permalink
    September 9, 2013 10:51 am

    What, no Selvie mention??? In the same breath as Ware taking the night off, the guy on the other side of the line was constant trouble for the Giants line.

    • September 9, 2013 10:55 am

      Truly a glaring omission on my part, Chugger. Selvie’s definitely a keeper! Hard to believe 31 other teams had no use for the guy.

      • Dahlberg permalink
        September 9, 2013 11:43 am

        The classic Manning “GAHHH” gif is a fitting tribute though… well done.

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