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Cowboys Criticism and BCS Bitterness

December 7, 2009

The only, and I mean ONLY, good thing to come out of this weekend’s football action was seeing Tebow get denied a shot at another National Championship. Of course, while many (including myself) don’t think he’s got much of a future in the NFL (other than maybe as a practice squad fullback), he does seem to show potential to become the next Rich Little, as that was an incredible impression he did of Adam Morrison after the game. Somebody please tell him THERE’S NO CRYING IN FOOTBALL!

The Cowboys obviously caused the bulk of my football angst this weekend. But before criticizing those who are responsible for keeping the annual December swoon in effect, let me first make a point of complimenting Tony Romo on his excellent performance. Yeah, he overthrew Roy late in the 4th when he was wide open for a desperately-needed touchdown, but that was one of the very, very few bad throws he made on a day when he made A LOT of throws. There’s plenty of blame to go around this week, but I’d better not hear ANY of it directed at Romo. Criticize him in front of me at your own risk.

One other undeserving target of criticism after yesterday’s game is the extremely unlikely scapegoat named Mat McBriar. After Nick “Shankappotamus” Folk sliced a routine 42-yard field goal attempt worse than a Judge Smails tee shot, he immediately looked at McBriar and threw up his hands like it was totally McBriar’s fault. Replays CLEARLY showed the snap and hold were both perfect, so Folk has nobody to blame but himself. You’d think that would be pretty obvious to everyone, but even Wade Phillips claimed during his post-game press conference that there was a problem with the snap and hold. But that’s not the only bad play for which McBriar is unfairly taking the blame, You’d think a 59-yard punt at a key time in the game would be great, even if it did end up being returned for a touchdown due to dozens of missed tackles and weak matador impressions by the inept Cowboys punt coverage unit. But Special Teams Coach Joe DeCamillis did not see fit to blame his horrible coverage unit for that return. Instead, he blamed McBRIAR FOR NOT PUNTING CLOSE ENOUGH TO THE SIDELINE!!! I guess he has a point, since if McBriar had just shanked his punt like Folk shanked that field goal attempt, there’s no way Hixon would have run it back. UN. EFFING. BELIEVABLE!!!

After seeing their performances against a cornered Packers squad and a desperate Giants team, it has become quite obvious to me that the Cowboys simply do not respond well to the adversity of others.

Returning to the college ranks, I still can’t believe Nebraska let that game slip away. Texas did not deserve to win that game whatsoever. The Cornhusker QB is probably the worst I’ve ever seen. Seriously, you could pretty much have put Stephen Hawking under center for Nebraska and they win that game. Have fun getting throttled by the Crimson Tide, Longhorns!

As for the BCS, everyone knows it’s a joke, yet somehow the punch line gets more ridiculous each year. Congratulations for going undefeated TCU and Boise State! As a reward HAVE FUN SITTING AT THE KIDS TABLE!!! I mean, can you BELIEVE THAT?!? The BCS is flat-out running scared. They simply could not risk having four undefeated teams remaining at the end of bowl season, so they rigged the system to guarantee that won’t happen. The BCS makes the Mafia look like the Boy Scouts of America. What a corrupt, seedy and vile organization!

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  1. December 7, 2009 3:46 pm

    HAHA, Chugger…don’t use my past comments against me! I was pissed at Romo when I said that. And there is NO WAY Texas beats Alabama. ZERO CHANCE.

  2. Texas Deserved to Win permalink
    December 7, 2009 3:40 pm


    Texas absolutely deserved to win… the scoreboard and rules of the game say anyway…

    AND, wasn’t it you who said a year ago that Tony Romo == Don Majikowski?

    Dallas goes undefeated the rest of the way and Texas beats Alabama 31-20 in the national championship.

  3. December 7, 2009 11:50 am

    Supposedly, they (Wade, Folk, etc.) are claiming McBriar leaned the ball in the wrong direction or some BS like that. Then, DeCamillis had the GALL to blame the Hixon return on McBriar not punting close enough to the sideline. It’s just so ridiculous that the whole franchise seems to be trying to make McBriar the scapegoat for yesterday’s loss…THE PUNTER ISN’T THE PROBLEM!!!

  4. December 7, 2009 11:20 am

    Well said, I had not seen the post game comments critical of the hold–I must be missing something.

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