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LOST Thoughts: The Candidate

May 5, 2010

  • Didn’t it seem weird how hospital bed Locke responded to Jack’s claim that he may be a candidate?  It’s almost like Locke subconsciously knew the island meaning of that term, as it applies to Jacob’s replacement.
  • The only thing more shocking to me than seeing Anthony Cooper as a drooling vegetable was the fact that I couldn’t muster up any satisfaction that the heinous bastard finally got what he deserved. There’s just something about seeing a person in that state which makes it impossible to harbor any ill will against them.
  • It was deja vu seeing Kate and Sawyer locked up once more in their Hydra Island honeymoon suite.  When the cage is a-rockin’, don’t come a-knockin’!  Adding Sun and Jin to that same cage brought things perilously close to being a key party.
  • I found it interesting that given the opportunity to attack Widmore’s camp, The Smoke Monster only bothered with killing henchmen and didn’t go after Widmore.  It must be another one of those deals where they can’t kill each other, just like Ben couldn’t kill Widmore that time he broke into his apartment after Alex was murdered.
  • At Ajira Airlines, bombs fly free!
  • “Smoooooooke IN the waaaaaaater, Locke knocked off the dock…”
  • Sawyer’s bomb disarming skills are about on par with those of MacGruber.
  • As sad as it was to see Sayid blown to smithereens and the Kwons plunge to their watery grave, I’m actually going to have the hardest time coping with the apparent demise of Lapidus and his endless supply of flawlessly-delivered one-liners.
  • Now that Jin and Sun are sleeping with the Dharma sharks, who will raise little Ji-Yeon?  I sure hope it’s not her grandpa, that awful Mr. Paik!
  • It was very disturbing to see Hurley blubbering on the beach.  If he’s lost hope, things really do seem doomed.
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