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Dropping a C-Note (as in, I’ve Lost Exactly 100 Pounds…so far)

November 24, 2012

It’s taken quite a while (just over eight months, actually), but I’ve finally lost exactly 100 pounds. I really have no idea how I managed to finally lose these last couple of pounds right after the biggest eating day of the year – I guess I did a better job of limiting my Thanksgiving portions than I thought. I would claim it was due to a sudden loss of appetite resulting from the Cowboys game (especially that second quarter), but we ate well before kickoff. Though the rate of my weight loss has slowed considerably over the past several weeks compared with the first few months, I still intend on losing at least another 12 pounds to reach my revised goal (I achieved my original goal back in early October).

When I started all this back in March, I always figured it would take more than a year to even get close to that original goal, so it’s been quite shocking that it’s happened even sooner. If I can ever sustain any sort of consistent exercise habits, I just might drop more weight than I ever thought possible. As for my new year’s resolution in a few weeks from now, I think it will probably have to be resolving not to re-gain any of these pounds I was able to shed in 2012.

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